With the innocent wisdom of a child:
Did you ever blow a dandelion wish to the sky?
Or wish upon an evening star?
Or said a quiet heartfelt prayer?

THE WISH PROJECT is here to help make your dreams come true!It is offered to you entirely as a gift.Just follow the simple steps below.

Directions to Make Your Wish

click here for directions

READY TO MAKE YOUR WISH!After you read the directions then play the Wish Making Recording above.

After You Make Your Wish!

The Wish Project is now giving to you!

  • Daily energy work from Jo Dunning to help your wish come true!
  • A Special Wish Blog where you can celebrate your wish!
  • An opportunity when this wish comes true to return and make another wish!

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Tell Others!

Now is the time to create happiness everywhere in the world. Millions of people have a dream in their heart they are longing to have fulfilled. Help them know the happiness of making a wish and having it come true!

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